A Week After Ressurection: Peace & Doubt

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There are 2 days in a year that a Church worship service gets jam-packed with people. You would probably guess it right, Easter and Christmas. Easter is not about the Easter bunny or eggs, or anything else except for remembering the greatest victory of all in the history of the universe, the wonderful celebration of Jesus’s victory over sin and death. As it is said in Paul’s letter to the Corinthian churches,

And if Christ has not been raised, then all our preaching is useless, and your faith is useless. – 1 Corinthians 15:14

As I was reading my journal, I came across the page where it shows the whole calendar of April 2017, and the first thing I noticed was, it’s one week after Easter. Which led me to this honest question: What happens a week after Easter?

So I went back to the Bible and turned the pages of this holy book into the 20th chapter of the book of the Apostle John. Starting from verses 19 down through 28 (quick link here). Here, we have Jesus, the Apostles, and Thomas as our main characters, and a scene where Jesus shows himself to his disciples for the forst and second time after His resurrection, which I will break down into 2 important points. First point is that…

  • God offers peace through His Son, Jesus.

My life before I met Jesus has been a rebellious life of wanting to do things for myself and not caring for what life will be tomorrow. I had no purpose, no meaning, no direction. Although I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour at a young age, the journey was not at all smooth-sailing, it was a constant struggle over pride and lust, that I always end up as the loser. I would feel remorse and guilt knowing that I have been an unpleasant and rebellious follower of Jesus.

But these verses reminded me, that God offers peace to me. He takes everything in; cuts and bruises of my sin, so that He can embrace me and tell me “I love you,” “Come back to me, son.” Peace (Shalom) is a very profound word. It is not only a word to reconcile, but it also a word for “Forgiveness.” It is also a word for making amends or offering “truce.” It is still overwhelming to think this. Becaue how can a great God, the Creator of everything, omniscient, omnipresent and all-powerful being, who can win any battle in an instant make “peace” with me, little being, a mere mortal? You know, every time I fly using an airplane to travel, I have always pondered the littleness of human beings. As the plane go higher, the more stagnant the view becomes. At 30,000 feet, you cannot see any living soul anymore. And how much more the view of God towards the earth and all that is in it. Truly, how great God is, but more so, His grace and patience towards us. He doesn’t need us actually, but we need Him. We need His peace. The peace that surpasses all understanding.

  • We, human, always want to see before we believe

Just like Thomas, many of us are like this. Even me, we always want to see miracles before we believe. But the question is, Do we only believe during good times and great deeds? Of course, we want to believe in something that is extraordinary, that is why many people are amused with magic tricks but how shallow this kind of faith is if we only “believe” if miracles happen, or if Jesus shows himself to us. But God is Spirit, He cannot be represented by any image, statue or painting. If we believe simple because of this, just like a magic show, it is only for our amusement and entertainment, our lives will not be changed at all. We must believe simply because He is God, and because of His 2 important nature: Holy and Loving. Knowing that God is holy, means that everything He does is for good (not our standard of goodness). And loving, knowing that he cares for us, and will never abandon us.

Believe is a strong word in Greek (where the Bible was written), the word pisteuō means more than saying “I believe,” it is more like saying, “I commit my life to it” or “I will follow no matter what“. When Thomas saw the resurrected Jesus, he put his fingers through Jesus’s pierced hands and side. There he was shattered and broken into pieces, and he merely uttered.

“My Lord and my God!” -John 20:28

Saying those words, “My Lord” is an act of surrender to the Lordship of Jesus in our lives. It is His authority in our lives through the guidance of His words (the Holy Bible) and the Holy Spirit that we should live our lives towards Christ-likeness. While uttering “My God,” submits ourselves into worship, reverence and life-long commitment to serve and put our devotion to, in everything we do from that moment, will always be an act of worship.

Easter celebration is quickly slipping away, but we continue to celebrate Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, not with banners, trumpets or loud music, but with our lives devoted and fully committed to trust and obey Him. To love God and love others.

Edward Alain Pajarillo



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